Monday, December 15, 2008
~Here are quotes on what love really means~

Monday, December 1, 2008


i think love is a feeling that you get before bad things come your way. love can mean many different things. in love there are good and as well as bad things. the way when you think about love your thingking if somene loves you nothing bad will ever happen which is not true if you become to love someone and the person loves you and NOTHING ever comes bad your way just know that something is not right. when we hear that a couple is in a arrgument other people should hurry and rush to help or say anything because in a relationship there is only 2 people; well unless it's a 3 sum that we done really find offen in Boston.True love takes much patience and understanding. True love requires forgiveness and giving. True love means you dont tire of the person or do anything that will hurt the person intentionally.
True love requires that you do the giving. If this is done properly, true love will actually be returned to you. These days things are so fast paced and everyone is expecting all the time, this I feel is leading to a breakdown in the number of people who really understand what true love is. True love is not what you can get, or what someone can give you or do for you. True love is the pleasure of doing for others. It is called unconditional love.